ICT and Its Impact in Schools and Communities

Cool Wallpapers ~ Cool WallpapersInformation Technology and Communication is one of the things that is growing exponentially across the nation. Its impact is widespread, and with every invention and innovation, people are becoming more and more familiar with each other through communication. This applies directly to the school system as well, as teachers and children are becoming more and more connected through technology, both in the classroom and outside of it.

ICT is especially beneficial through the use of the internet, which gives a teacher, student or community the ability to connect with each other. Keep reading »


The Advantages of Using Information Technology in the Traditional Classroom

The college campus is changing, and with it comes the advance use of technology. For students who are participating in online courses, technology is a must have. It is how they attend their classes, receive their assignments and communicate with both their professor and fellow students. Even for a student on campus, the use of technology has many benefits. In a standard classroom, implementing some technology guidelines can make the class a better experience for both the teacher and students.

Students in any college class should be encouraged to use email. Email is the fastest way to communicate with a professor, and it leaves a “paper trail” of sorts related to what question was asked and what answer was given. College professors should encourage their students to use email as the first line of communication, and then follow up with a phone call or office visit if email does not prove sufficient. Keep reading »